Monday, February 28, 2011

Bring back Lloyd Grossman I say!

I'm the one with parsley, Pauls the one with the Tomato
I haven’t cooked since I left the UK 8 months ago so its fair to presume that I’ve forgotten how to. Luckily in India you don’t have to be Posh and Becks to afford a cook, as having a cook is as common as owning a saucepan apparently and I for one intend to take full advantage.
Now in my posting regarding my driver I joked that I would interview my cook Masterchef stylee, but after careful consideration I don’t see that there is any other way?
I will play the fat one because I do a wicked impression of him holding the fork in his mouth for too long and Paul can be the one from New Zealand.
The three contestants applicants will each prepare 3 dishes, an Indian dish, a western dish and a dessert. Each course will be marked out of 10 on taste- I’m not going judge presentation that’s just fussy!
The person with the most points wins gets the job.
Ouuuu I might even make a trophy for a winner or better a certificate – framed!! No too far.

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