Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There’s no one quicker than a Kwikfit fitter….

After being in bed for the last 2 days for no other reason that I couldn’t be bothered to get up, aka addicted to the first series of Glee; I decided to go on an outing. My first stop was to be a place called Fountain, I was told it’s the place to go. Lovely I thought, a beautiful fountain, I’ll spend the day there, it might sing like the one in Barcelona! On the way the taxi driver said something to me, it sounded like ‘How do you do?’ I thought that’s very odd but said ‘fine thank you’ and carried on trying not to be sick as we passed through a very smelly part of town. We then took a sharp turn and stopped directly outside a slum, a little bit apprehensive I turned to my left to see the Indian version of a Kwikfit....

It even looks smelly
The taxi driver hadn’t asked ‘How do you do?’ at all, he must have actually said ‘I need to go and change my tyre do you mind?’ -It didn’t sound like that.
After a few minutes of holding my breath, (a moment longer I would have passed out) we were back on the road and shortly arrived at ‘Fountain’; not a fountain at all but a market remminisant to one that can be found in Bloxwich, Walsall full of poor quality clothes and knock offs! I asked to be taken back to the hotel immediately. An adventure though.

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