Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Room With a View……. and a Half!

Freddie and the view from our apartment
In typical Sergeant Paul Hanley style, our first days in Mumbai were spent flat hunting.
The man in the picture is Freddie, or as I like to call him Saint Freddie of Mumbai. After seeing approximately twenty apartments, which all looked as if they had been puked on by the 1970’s, I thought we would never find a place to call home!....That’s until Saint Freddie showed us a small one bedroom flat on Marine Drive. Now I like to call the place quirky, others may call it ‘What were you thinking?’, some may even say it’s a 'Penthouse in the shape of a lighthouse' (Paul Hanley)! Basically, it’s circle in shape, has only 3 windows, the kitchen comes off the bedroom, I don’t remember seeing any doors and has only one small wardrobe, but all these factors seemed to fade into insignificance when Freddie showed me the roof terrace. Arrr the roof terrace… with unobstructed views of the Mumbai skyline and the sea, I knew I was home! It also over looks a cricket ground, which Paul is very excited about as the Cricket World Cup, starts soon (oh joy!)

Freddie not only found our new home but some of Paul’s colleagues’ homes too, so if you’re moving to Mumbai give him a call. He knows what he’s doing, lovely guy and speaks perfect English… what more do you want in a property agent?

Freddie Pithavala, Fred Estates, Tel +91 9821 323 334 Web:
View from our new apartment


  1. thats Marine drive... I just love that place..

  2. you might not have an idea how Lucky i'm considering you! you live at Marine Drive!!!

  3. hey! thats an AMAZING VIEW! im myra btw, im thinking about moving to mumbai soon! in like a year! aaah but contrary to you im doing it per my own will, and everyone doesnt want me too haha! but i've beent thinking about it since i visited there so finally i've decided to do it soon! but i have just one ?, how much was this place? that would be amazing to live on marine drive but.... is it really expensive?


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