Thursday, February 24, 2011

‘Red and Yellow and Pink and Green…..’

Check out the wine selection the view
from the mezzanine floor!
I didn’t know what colour Indigo was until I just Googled it and apparently its a mix between blue and violet which in my book means it’s a purple colour.
But I’m not here to educate the colour dyslectic, I’m here to tell you about our new favorite place to eat… Indigo Deli, which, incidentally doesn’t have a hint of purple within its four walls.
We have already been here 4 times in two weeks and to be honest I don’t think its nearly enough.
The food is amazing, mainly western it has everything your empty belly could desire: burgers, fish, risottos, pastas, chicken, salads, steak it also has amazing desserts, a drink selection larger than an Oddbins and it is very reasonably priced, 450 rupees for a fillet steak with chips or mash- yes please!
They don't just sell fish
 It also has a great deli counter so you can pick up a bite for lunch to boot!

INDIGO DELI, COLABA 5, Ground Floor, Pheroze Building, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharishi Marg, 
Apollo Bunder, Mumbai - 400 039. 
Tel: +91 (22) 6655 1010

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