Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do you want a photo? It will last longer…..

Men staring at moi
Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman- Obvs!
...... Is what the inner schoolgirl in me is dying to shout out every time I walk down the street. Indian men stare! It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, I’ve tried various outfits to try and avoid the situation but they still stare.  I asked a couple of staff in the hotel why they do this and they all said “Its just the way it is so get used to it”, another Indian girl said “If I wore a short skirt walking down the street they would stare at me too” Meow! (Incidentally I only wear short-ish summer dresses when I’m with Paul).
So ladies if you move to/ visit Mumbai please be prepared to reinact that scene from Pretty Woman, when everyone stares at Julia Roberts as she walks down Rodeo Drive, as it will happen.
Just think of it as a compliment and sing the song in your head, I do.

The songs stuck in my head now….

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