Thursday, February 17, 2011

Giant Condoms and Leopold Café

After stumbling up Colaba Causeway in my 4 inch wedges, being followed by a man selling what can only be described as giant inflatable condoms (I don’t care if its only 10 rupees, I still don’t want one!) we eventually reached Leopold cafe. Leopold Café is a dingy rustic restaurant, which sells an array of Indian, Western and Chinese cuisine and was made famous by the book ‘Shantaram’. I haven’t read it yet but its supposed to be a must read (I’ll stick it on my things to do).
When I saw they sold a ‘Tower of Beer’ I knew Paul and I were there for the long haul.  We ordered (to share):
1 Half chicken tikka – 230 rupees
1 Green salad- 60 rupees
1 Garlic and cheese naan 50 rupees
1 Raita (like a dipping sauce for the chicken tikka) 60 rupees
And 1 tower of beer- 450 rupees
The total cost in our Great British pounds I here you cry….  ???
Approximately £11.68! No its not a typo £11.68!! The beer was actually more expensive than all the food put together.
Not only a bargain but absolutely delicious and would be a welcome addition to anyone’s Mumbai Itinerary. It’s also useful to remember that if there’s no seats downstairs, there’s an upstairs.

Leopold café, Colaba Causeway, Mumbai India, tel +91 022 2282885
Leopolds Cafe (yes that man does have sunglasses
on the back of his head!- weirdo)


  1. Who made the graphics on this website? They are amazing ...

  2. Hey, thank you! I actually did them myself with Photoshop on the mac. Really easy : )

  3. Giant condoms? :-P

    But I have been playing with them since I was a kid!

    Hmmmm.... 'Shantaram's' not the only reason why the Leopold Cafe is famous. :-(

  4. Lucky you! ha ha
    As for Leopold, I do know the other reason it is famous, but didnt think it was appropriate for the post : (


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