Saturday, February 19, 2011

I’m NOT ‘Loving It’


I have a hangover the size of Jupiter and there’s only one thing that will make it slightly bearable…McDonald’s!
I felt like all my prayers had been answered when Paul told me they did Mc Delivery! As I dialled the number all I could think of was biting in to my Bigmac just like in the adverts.
Despite the initial automated options, my call was answered within a few rings; things were going my way…

McDonalds lady (she probably only had one star): ‘Hello Maaaam, can I take your order’

Me: ‘Oh yes, I’ll have a 2 Big Mac extra value meals, with a full fat coke and ‘up size ’ them please (I meant business)

McDonalds Lady: ‘I’m sorry Maaam we do not sell Bigmac, how about a Maharaja Mac…

Me : Whaa…..
McDonalds lady: Or a Paneer wrap?  Or nuggets with shezwan? (notice she didn’t even say ‘Chicken’ Nuggets – they could be nuggets of anything! Don’t even get me started on Shezwan, – WTF?)

I couldn’t get my words out…. a Maharaja Mac? Please tell me that’s Hindi for beef burger I thought. It wasn’t.

Paul slowly walked over to me, took the phone out of my hand, told the McDonalds lady that we would not be placing an order and softly placed the receiver down.

No words were spoken for at least 10 minutes whilst we both reflected on this life changing moment.

We decided to starve for the rest of the day in protest… (10 minutes into this protest we ordered two burgers with all the trimmings on room service, yummy!)

If you would like to sample a Maharaja Mac or dog, goat, rat, nuggets here’s there website…

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