Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From One Extreme to Another


Paul and I decided that I wouldn’t visit Mumbai before we moved here because if I hated it, I would refuse to go through with the move…  he sold it to me in better terms, but I knew that’s what he meant!

Since we arrived in Singapore 6 months earlier, there had been a rumour going around that a Mumbai office of Paul’s company was in the pipeline. Being the assertive individual I am I thought I’d nip it in the bud and told him that if a work opportunity comes up in India to turn it down, as I’d never in a million years move to Mumbai (it took enough for him to get me to Singapore).

I don’t know why I was so certain I didn’t want to move here, it was probably from watching Slumdog Millionaire, the thought of children begging at me and eating nothing but curry day in day out, to me was the stuff of nightmares! Plus they don’t even have proper houses, electric or clean water do they????
 As Paul broke the news to me that an opportunity (and promotion) had come up in India I could see in his eyes that I didn’t have a chance of living my dream life in Singapore for a moment longer. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had already told his boss that he’d accept without even consulting me - he probably had.

As I started to tell people of my fate the images of shocked facial expressions were starting to engrave my eyelids!  I was leaving one of the cleanest cities in the world to live in one of the dirtiest; to say I wasn’t looking forward to it would be the understatement of the century…
I had tried to do some research about what to expect when I arrived here but to no avail; the internet is full of blogs but nothing I personally found useful to starting a new life here as a foreign girl (or videsi girl!) so I decided to write one…
I plan to talk about our life here in India, places to shop, eat, visit and most importantly drink, so if your husband/wife/ girlfriend/ boyfriend springs a new life in Mumbai on you, you will be prepared!

Just a heads up… They do have proper houses and electric - I think they are working on the clean water supply….

I hope you enjoy it… And I hope I enjoy writing it………!


  1. Just found your blog via Diary of White Indian Housewife….
    Have to say thanks for the laughs! Love the pics and the stories…sounds like it's been interesting to say the least! Looking forward to reading from the start… I just read the Mcdonald's fiasco…hilarious! I bet a goat Big Mac would be edible…. not as tasty as good ol'beef, but edible, just go heavy on the special sauce!

  2. Hi Andrea, glad u like the blog, I think if I didn't laugh I'd cry sometimes so it's great to get my stories down on paper! Yes a goat burger, very inventive, if I were you I'd be suggesting that one to Ronald McDonald asap! Ha. Do you live in India? X

  3. No… I live in the US. My husband is from India though… and I recently visited there for the first time. Interesting to say the least!
    I enjoy your writing as I can almost hear myself saying the same things…. lol!
    I admire your ability to continue wearing heels while over there! I myself wore sneakers (which did not come home with us…. I did not want them anywhere near my luggage, even if they were wrapped in 4 plastic bags and sealed tight! GrOSSS!)
    I also found it interesting that you were in Singapore before… my husband and I often talk about retiring there. (I already told him I could never live in India. Visit? Yes. Live? NEVER!) You are a better wife than I LOL!!!

  4. Ha ha, babes heels are important, never compromise on foot hygiene i say! ha x The US hey, I have never been but would love to one day.
    For me Singapore was the best decision i had ever made in my life. I loved it! not sure if i would retire there but it would be certainly some where i would reccomend living for a few years! You would never regret it! x My email is sophiejgod@yahoo.com if you are ever in town or want my advice on Singapore x

  5. Hello, Found your blog when i was searching about some Vipassana experiences, as i'm going for one in coming week! anyways, point is i quite liked your blog. i'm a Mumbai girl, like born n brought up in Mumbai. Its interesting to read about what "Videsi"'s think about my beloved city. I hope You like it. This city has many colors n as monsoon has arrived you would surely get another reason to fall in love with the city. Hope to see you around some day!!! :)

  6. Hi! I moved to Mumbai from Singapore and was given the opportunity to recce it & decide if it passed the mark.

    Little did Steve know, he was bringing me to see it in it's worst light (monsoon season). The 3 day trip had me catching the flu & Mumbai belly - I left fuming and hated the place.

    Anyway fast forward to present day, it's been a good experience and so far am enjoying my India experience even though I do miss Singapore! It was definitely a shock to my system but now I'm immune to it all haha!


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