Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Impressions

David Seaman - Former England Goalkeeper/ love of my life and Suresh- Maintenance guy at my hotel

So what was my first stand out memory of Mumbai? No, it wasn’t the aeroplane narrowly missing the slum upon landing, not the one hour wait on the runway as there were no parking spaces, not even the mosquito that landed on me immediately as I left the aeroplane, (even though I had ditched the prevention tablets after being advised by a former colleague that (I quote) ‘It would be better to contract Malaria’ than experience the side effects from the tablets- we’ll see how that one pans out) it was……. The Moustaches!

Nearly every singular man working at the airport has one. Now I used to regard myself as somewhat of a moustache connoisseur after having a crush on the England goalkeeper David Seaman for most of my life; but not even I had seen such an array: long, short, thick, thin, curly, straight. After further research I have discovered that an Indian man’s moustache represents what part of India he is from.  In the coming weeks I plan to put together a guide to India’s Moustaches so you will always know where your moustached acquaintance comes from!

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