Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lights, Camera…Disappointment!

This could have been me!!!
I’m not happy today!
On our third day in Mumbai Paul and I went for a walk and stumbled across a great little bookshop on Colaba Causeway.
As we were paying for our a goods a chubby, tall man ran into the shop very excited, asking if we wanted to be in a Bollywood movie- me without hesitation said “Yes! When? Where? How? What do I wear?”
Before the guy had time to answer the bookshop man told him to bugger off so he left. As we left the shop (with enough magazines and books to open our own library) I wondered what would have happened if the bookshop man wouldn’t have told the chubby, tall man to bugger off? But to my joy the man was waiting for us outside!!
“Soooo would you like to be in a Bollywood movie siiirrrrr”
“Yes!” I shouted – “Where do I sign???”
 Paul pushing me to the side asked all the questions your parents would like you to ask:
“Is it safe?” “Is it scam?” “Where is it?” “Are we insured?” the obligatory joke which you seriously mean “We aren’t going to be hearded on to a mini bus then robbed are we?” har, har, “Are we?”
“Yes, yes sir, very safe Karina Kapour and Imran Khan (Bollywood royalty) are in this movie sir, we will pick you up from MacDonald’s, we do your hair make up, we dress you, we give you a meal and you get paid 500 rupees” he said.

Despite all my efforts Paul took his card and said we would call him if we were interested.
 When we got back I Googled the man’s details just to check it was legit! And it was! Paul rang him saying we were up for it. I was so excited as until that moment outside the bookshop my 2 year BTEC in drama course had been for nothing, I had worked at Walsall council for 8 years of my life as a business advisor for gods sake! But now that tall, chubby man was offering me a lifeline, a chance to actually use my qualification towards something meaningful, I was going to be a actress, a real life paid actress and this was happening within a record 3 days of arriving in Mumbai!!! This could be the start of something big, I thought.
Whilst I was practicing the ‘changing the light bulb’ dance move to ‘Desi Girl’ which is my favorite Bollywood song, Paul had a phone call from his boss asking if we would like to go over to her place for a drink (it was her and her husbands first night in Mumbai) now I love Paul’s boss and she is actually my new BFF (best friends forever -obvs) but was I willing to cancel an appointment to a life long dream??? Paul thought so! “Yes we’ll be over at 9.00”
The words echoed in my mind!
“Errrrr, hello??? Paul ??? Bollywood movie???? I said
“Don’t worry babe we’ll be asked again.” He replied
 Pacified at the prospect of a nice glass of wine or 10, I nodded and we had a lovely night with Tulika and Vincent.
But now three weeks in, despite hanging around said book shop (remember I am unemployed) I haven’t been asked since so that is why I’m not happy today!!

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