Tuesday, February 22, 2011

De de de de dellle (that’s the theme tune from Sex and the City)

I should really get into merchandising
Today I felt like Carrie from Sex and the City 2, the scene when she’s in a Dubai Market (we all know it was Marrakesh) looking fabulous and she discovers how cheap the shoes were, “20 dollars? For shoes???”
Surely you remember?
Well today I went to the market on Colaba Causeway. They sell bangles, necklaces, shoes, handbags, antiques, pashminas, things you don’t want but you want to buy anyway because your in India- you get the picture.
Unlike Carrie I was not on my own, I had the husband in tow who is not afraid to haggle and haggle he does. Now each to there own but I’m the type of person who thinks if the price sounds fair I’ll pay it. Not Mr Hanley, he lives here now so is entitled to the prices locals get.  After lengthy discussions, walking away and walking back from various stalls a number of times we managed to get all of our  my items for at least 40% of the price originally quoted. So now I’m a convert and I do recommend a good haggle as it means you can save money get more stuff!
From picture above:
Necklace – 100 rupees (£ 1.37)
Earrings- 50 rupees     (0.69p)
Bangle- 100 rupees (£ 1.37)
Pashmina – 150 rupees  (£ 2.06)
Handbags 3 for 1400 rupees (£ 19.23 so around £ 6.41 each)
You won’t get those prices in Claires Accessories!

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