Thursday, February 17, 2011


The ride of your life aka a standard Mumbai cab
Taxis are extreeeeeemly cheap in India compared to back home in the UK. For a journey of around 10-15 minutes you’re not going to pay more than around 30 rupees (0.41p) in a standard cab and 50 rupees (0.69p) in a ‘Cool Cab’ (a taxi with air conditioning). However; if you are white and flagging one from the street the driver may try to rip you off. Earlier this week we were quoted 100 rupees (£1.37) for a very short journey; when our Indian friend asked the driver why he was charging us that much he said “They have been ripping us off for over 400 years” we laughed, got in his taxi and asked politely for him to turn his meter on, he did, total price… 20 rupees (0.27p).

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