Sunday, February 20, 2011

‘When you’re at the checkout and you hear the beep…….’ You know the rest!

There was no way of hiding the evidence from my husband!
I always thought that the strangest name I had ever heard in my life was Milorad. Especially as the person to whom the name belonged to wanted to actually be called Milorad and not its cooler, trendier, shortened version Milo. I thought it sounded like a new mop or cleaning product of some sort rather than a name. I can hear the advert in my head now…. ‘The new Milorad from JML’

As I said I always thought this was the strangest name I had ever heard and indeed it was the strangest name I had ever heard… until today! Today I met Vishtap! Now I like most of you reading this thought that maybe Vishtap or Vishtäp was a new kitchenware product available from IKEA, but no it was actually his real life name.

Vishtap was helping to pack up my new purchases from Apartment 9, a home accessories shop in Colaba.

When I first entered Apartment 9 a few days earlier I nearly started crying, I didn’t think that I would find a shop like it in India. It was like an Aladdin’s cave of wonder. I was in awe and immediately started getting very excited, yet extremely nervous; excited that I could furnish my new place with such beautiful things, nervous because it was quite expensive and I wanted everything. Paul compared it to how I get when I am just about to put my hand luggage through security at the airport- Excited because I’m going on holiday, nervous because l fear they will take my Estee Lauder foundation from me because I can never fit it in the see through bag!

As I was rushing from cushion to cushion, picture frame to picture frame, Paul started talking to the manager. She said that on Wednesday the sale starts but we can come in on Monday with a few others and have a pick of the bargains. We left the shop excited.

The man, the legend Dale Winton from Supermarket Sweep - obvs!
On Monday I arrived promptly at opening time 11.00am. I was first there!! I had been browsing for a good 10 minutes when another lady walked in, she said hello to the manager and started to look at all the things I was looking at. Panic stricken I started saying I’ll have those, three of these, this, that, all of these – it was like I was in an episode of Supermarket Sweep – but the items weren’t free and there was no inflatable bonus!
As Vishtap started gathering my items the other lady started pointing at things she wanted, “I’ll have that mirror” , “I’m sorry the young lady has just bought that” replied the manager “ Those hurricane candle holders then” ,”Sorry she has bought those also”, “What about these cushions?” “Sold, sorry” “This lamp?“ “She’s had that as well”.
I know it was terrible but I couldn’t help feeling extremely pleased with myself.    I made eye contact with my new nemesis – it was awkward – The words “You snooze, you lose” were on the tip of my tongue but in the end I just mouthed the words ‘sorry’, picked up a bed throw she had just put down and said ‘I’ll have this as well’… Meow!

Apartment 9
2, Sunny House, Mereweather Road, Colaba, Mumbai – 400001 (behind the Taj hotel) tel: 22-32489601

Prices similar to ‘Habitat’ and ‘Laura Ashley’ stores
Sells a few pieces of furniture as well as a variety of home accessories like carpets, mirrors, vases, candles, statuettes and also a range of kitchenware and glassware.

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