Friday, February 18, 2011

WS1 Eat Your Heart Out!!

Dome Bar- they call it Dome as it has a big Dome to sit in- see what they did?

One of my biggest fears about moving to Mumbai was that I wouldn’t be able to go out and get drunk with my husband and our friends without being whipped or looked upon in disgust. My second biggest worry was what to bloody wear? Do I wear a sari? Is it long skirts, turtleneck tops and headscarves?...... On the contrary! We first went to a rooftop bar called Dome, followed by a nightclub called Privé. I turned up to the first bar in a Topshop equivalent to a dustbin bag, which I thought would be in keeping with the locals- how wrong can a person be? Ladies were wearing short dresses, tight tops, jeans, high heels, not a headscarf or turtle neck in sight. I felt like the school kid who turned up in school uniform on non-uniform day!
The view from Dome is beautiful, it’s actually the same view we have from our new apartment, as it’s only a few doors down. The outside area is decorated with fairy lights and candles and all the chairs and sofas are white. Champagne is reasonable at around 4500 rupees per bottle and the clientele is high class (I fitted in perfectly)
Suitably drunk, we stumbled into a cab to Privé in Colaba. We had booked a table as there were 7 of us and if you don’t book it can be hard to get into places. After giving our names at the door we were hurried into what looked like a glass prison where it seemed they kept the white people or VIP as they called it.
The décor was very modern and trendy and I would love to describe the music to you but I was so drunk I don’t remember, all I do know is that it wasn’t Abba and every one had an amazing time. In clubs in Asia (it might be clubs everywhere apart from Walsall) if you buy a bottle of spirits you get the mixers free so we ordered a couple of bottles of Vodka and partied until dawn.
At closing time I remember the doorman taking the remainder of my drink off me, before I even had the chance to get annoyed he had poured it in to a plastic cup and handed it back to me, I left the club feeling very satisfied.
“Back to ours” I hollered to the group… the party continued….

Dome at The Intercontinental Hotel, 135 Marine Drive, Mumbai, Tel +91 22 39879999
Privé Mumbai 41/44 Monrepos, Ground Floor, Minoo Desai Road, Colaba, Mumbai Tel +91 22 2202 8700


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