Wednesday, March 23, 2011

El-e-va-tion Wooooo Ouuuuu

He must get bored, bless
In India , standing in a lift all-day and pressing the buttons is a job and this job is called ‘A Lift Man’. When I first arrived here, I couldn’t believe that this was an actual career option, but now, two months in, I’m not sure how I will be able to integrate back into a world where there is no Lift Man?
I found myself alone, standing in a lift for around ten minutes the other day, wondering why nothing was happening. The reason nothing was happening was because I had forgotten to press the button as I was so used to someone doing it for me! Another time, I went from the ground floor, up to the 20th floor, back down to the ground floor and back up again thinking ‘Wow this journey to the 5th floor is taking a long time’ the truth is I hadn’t pressed my floor, again! Yesterday, I trapped my hand in our apartments 1920 ’s style life as the nice lift man (not the kitten killing, cat strangling, Holi ruiner lift man) wasn’t there to slide it open for me! The list goes on and on! Life without a Lift Man is hard and full of perils and I feel India and I are very lucky to have them in our lives! Lift Men everywhere, I dedicate this to you:

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