Tuesday, March 29, 2011

These are few of my favourite things...

There was two of us, honest
My three favorite things are shopping, eating and drinking (alcohol) so imagine my excitement when I found out I could do all three at Good Earth in Lower Parel! I've spoken about Good Earth quite a few times within my blog, but just to clarify it sells the most beautiful home accessories and to be honest I could very easily live in the store in Lower Parel as it is decorated amazingly! I'm no expert but I feel it's a cross between Indian and Moroccan which gives the place a really rustic feel. The restaurant is located up an old wooden staircase, which is bedecked with colorful candle holders and garlands, as you walk through the main doors you notice the bright pink walls, adorned with beautiful chandeliers, Indian themed art work and greenery. The food is amazing too, a Moroccan style menu ,it sells starters, mains, desserts, tapas style dishes as well as beers, wines, cocktails and...Wait for it... Sangria!! I never thought I'd be drinking Sangria in India, I felt like I was on my jollies! I Loved it! You must go.

Good Earth, Raghuvanshi Mansion, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Lower Parel Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013 tel:022 2495 1954

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