Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Only Way is Wedges!

It comes up to my calf!
 (please excuse the camera cord)
I refuse to wear flip flops or any footwear in fact which means my foot is within an a inch of the floor in Mumbai any longer as the streets are just filthy, therefore my feet turn black and my pedicures are for nothing! I now only wear wedges or at least four inch heels to keep my tootsies a safe distance away from the ground. I may fall over approximately 23476 a day, I have the cuts, bruises and possibly septicemia to prove it, but I think it’s worth it….…I say I ‘think’ it’s worth it as the curbs in Mumbai are huge! A walk to the shops is like a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro and the odds of breaking an ankle are significantly increased with a heel in tow, not to mention it takes a few seconds longer to run out the way of speeding cars which have totally ignored the red light and the pavement is sometimes non existent…. hmmmm… No! I will not be swayed by these life threatening factors- I like clean feet! I’ll stick with it! Heels it is! Wish me luck!
It should be named after me because I discovered it
I know, its a monster!

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