Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cat got your tongue??

I couldn't find a picture of cat being strangled
Yesterday I was sitting at the computer, updating my blog in fact, when I heard a terrible sound; it was like a cat was being strangled! Because I’m nosey  As a concerned resident, I went outside to see what all the commotion was about and you’ll never guess what… a cat was actually being strangled! I’m not sure what our place has against cats but I didn’t know what to do first? Do I grab my camera and take a photo for my blog evidence? Or help the poor thing? The blood of another feline on my hands was not an option! I shouted ‘OI’ at the top of my lungs! Clearly shocked at my head mistress like confidence the men dropped the cat and it darted to safety. Feeling remarkably pleased with myself I then took it one step further and shook my head and wagged my finger at them as if to say ‘I’m disappointed in you’. I felt it was necessary. Mother Teresa status reinstated I went back into the house and continued to write ‘Ask Akbar. Its Saint Sophie from now on guys.

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