Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pandas Eat It

I hope he's wearing a hard hat....
I know! Men painting a building in Mumbai! Brilliant! But no, this is not the reason I took this photo, I took this photo because the scaffolding they are standing on is made of bamboo and secured together with string! Yes bamfrickingboo and string!! I first thought maybe this was an isolated incident, but its not, ironically the Sophia Hospital in Mumbai which is currently being refurbished, is covered in the stuff so its either bloody strong or the men like hospital food. I’ve done a bit of research (well asked Akbar) and appaza they’ve been using bamboo scaffolding for hundreds of years in India, Japan and China and it’s just as strong as steel or aluminium? I’m not quite sure if I believe that as Pandas eat it but if it is true, you learn something new everyday!
.... and steel toe cap boots!

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