Thursday, March 10, 2011

Warning: This post contains ‘Too much information’ but I think it’s necessary.

My new best friend
The most common question which I have had from friends regarding my moving to Mumbai hasn’t been; ‘What is it like? Or How are the people? Or How are you are getting on? It has been…. ‘Have you had the sh*ts yet?’
I was very happy as for the first 5.5 weeks of being here I have had the pride and satisfaction of saying ‘No we have both been fine, thank you for your concern’ and feeling proud of my iron insides…. That was until Friday…. Dressed up to the nines I met up with Paul and his work colleagues as it was our friend Fabrice’s birthday, we first had drinks at Geoffrey’s bar at the Marine Plaza hotel on Marine Drive then made the hour long drive to Ju Hu (which rhymes with woo hoo which is one of my favorite things to say) The first stop on the list was Aurus which has lovely views of the sea and Ju Hu (there it is again) beach. After a strawberry Mojito I was ready to hit the town hard, Paul wasn’t. We said our good byes and made the long trip back Colaba! Less than impressed I nursed my husband to health over three days, although I felt sorry for Paul I also felt secretly smug that I hadn’t caught it- Big mistake on Monday night around 1.00am it started- I’m still recovering. Well it was bound to happen sooner or later!

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