Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Move Over Tony and Guy...

Yes that is barbed wire- security first!
I’ll be honest, if I was in a hairdressers in Walsall and an Indian person got out their camera and started to take photos of me having my hair cut I’d be a bit miffed and I suppose if an English girl gets her camera out and starts taking photos of gentlemen getting their haircut in a barber shop in Mumbai they would be a bit miffed too! But that didn’t stop me.
Paul and I had made it our mission of the day to find him somewhere to have a hair cut which I didn’t think would be possible as the majority of haircuts I’ve seen have been taking place on the street- no joke!
Told ya
We eventually stumbled (literally the pavement outside was missing) across Air Cool. Impressed with the owners play on words we decided to head inside.
It was packed to the rafters! I felt like I was in a 1920’s Movie! As well as men having their hair cut and dyed they were having shaves with cutthroat razors, I was on the edge of my seat! Surprised at the sheer amount of people who wanted a short back and sides on Saturday afternoon I also couldn’t get over the amount of staff Mr. Air Cool had, around 30 barbers – one for each chair, the men who passed the barbers the equipment, the men who swept up the hair, the men who wash the hair, the men who clean the chairs and the man who takes the money.
I’m not sure if this is ordinary practice but for a place as big as my living room I felt it was a bit excessive.
Before I knew it Paul was done and very impressed he was too, especially as it only cost 90 rupees- that’s about £1.10 - for a haircut! If he still had his ridiculous moustache he could have had that trimmed for an additional 20 rupees- about 0.30p! The word bargain just doesn’t cut it! (see what I did?)

This would look nice in my living room

No men were suffocated when taking these pictures

....or slapped


  1. This is funny! I just had my first Indian barber experience last night. Husband wanted to cut off his long curly locks and shave the beard that he grew for me because all of the Aunties kept harassing him. So I took pix while it was being done. The barbers were quite amused. I love the little facial massage they give before the shave. :)

  2. Ha ha. I know the massages are great and lengthy also! Fancied getting one myself!


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