Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ask Akbar

Quick game: Where's Akbar? (he is actually in this picture)
On Saturday we moved into our new place, which was actually really easy as we had approximately 568 people helping us.  We hired one of those mini van things which managed to fit in all of our baggage, plus 3 little men we stole from outside the hotel to help us perfectly! We managed to get the mini van and 568 helpers by asking Akbar. No, not an Indian version of the search engine ‘Ask Jeeves’ but a real life man who you can ask anything of and he will know the answer. It’s like magic! E.g. 'Akbarrrrrrr??? Where do I get a driver from?' – poof  (visiualise the cloud of smoke) - choice of three, 'Akbar?? Where can I buy a trunk for the top of my cupboard from?' – poof- an address and contact, 'Akbar I need Bollywood Dancing lessons!' – poof- 'My sons a teacher, he’ll be over next week', 'Akbar! I cant find tampons in India anywhere????'-poof- he transferred me to his wife, but you get the idea! And this isn’t even Akbars day job, oh no, hes actually a cool cab driver (not as in a cool dude cab driver, as in his cab has air conditioning) who can be found outside the Vivanta Taj President hotel most days. All I can say is Thank all the Gods (there’s loads in India ) for our new best friend Ask Akbar, ou, I mean Akbar.

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