Sunday, March 6, 2011

“Toot Sweets, Toot Sweets…..”

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not the maternal sort, however I can’t help but have a little soft spot for some of the children who beg around Marine Drive. Being a sucker for a compliment, every time a child called me ‘pretty lady’, I’ve given them a sneaky rupee or two; this has not gone unnoticed, now when I walk through that area its like a scene from the Pied Piper of Hamlin! Earlier this week I was caught by one of our Indian friends and was told not to give them money under any circumstances, as the chances of them keeping any of it is very slim, but its Ok to give them food. Well I thought I’d do one better than food and started giving out lollipops, which proved far more popular than rupees! I was extremely pleased with myself until Paul pointed out that I was now like the Child Catcher out of Chitty, Chitty bang, bang! “Lolly pops” “Ice creams….”   Thanks babes! Boring chapatti it is then….
No Paul! We don't have the same nose!

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  1. yes, that's correct! beside giving money to them give them something to eat... kids will be happy and those kids know that foreigners give money, even if its just to get rid off them. so they will come behind you many times.


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