Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ramesh- You're Hired!

Me, taking my duties very seriously!
I would like you to join me in congratulating our new driver Ramesh!
After a shaky start Ramesh was triumphant! He beeped his horn only 4 times within an hour and a half, knew Mumbai like the back of his hand, held the door open on numerous occasions; not only for me but for Paul also, called me 'Maaaam' and Paul 'Siiirrrr', spoke a little English, conducted the best 3 point turn I have ever seen in my life, (the manoeuvring of the car throughout the busy traffic was like a scene out of the Matrix-) and he had a moustache (that wasn’t even in the criteria, that was just a bonus) impressive, Ramesh, very impressive!
Commiserations to Suresh who dictated how much bonus payment he wanted as soon as he got into the car and didn’t have a moustache.
The dissapointing Suresh
The victorious Ramesh

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