Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm a (Wo)man on a Mission...

My babies
Whilst I was perusing the shelves of Good Earth in Colaba for some pink candle holders for my bedroom, a young Indian girl walked in, about my age, she was wearing tight jeans, nude colored Christian Louboutin shoes and carrying a lilac Dior handbag. Now I’m all up for wearing a heel, but a Christian Louboutin? In the day? To go shopping in? On the dirty, partially missing streets of Mumbai??! I thought wow! This girl speaks my language, we could be friends! Although I’d finished looking for my pink candle holders a good five minutes earlier, I stayed in the shop and spied on observed my future BFF, to my delight she picked up the same cushion I had bought a few days previously, ‘another sign’ I thought. After a few minutes of stalking shopping I left and walked to meet Ramesh, the Louboutin adorned woman followed, I got into my car and she got into hers which was parked in front. ‘Where are you going Maaaam’ asked Ramesh, intrigued by this string of coincidences my mind said ‘follow that car’ but luckily my mouth said ‘Mad Over Donuts’.
We set off, so did the mystery girl, her car turned left, so did mine, her car turned right, so did mine, her car dodged a stray dog crossing the road, so did mine, although not planned I felt like a secret detective stalking my mark, it was fun! After 10 minutes my car was still directly behind hers, what did this mean?? I kept asking myself! Her car then started to slow down, so did mine, her car stopped, so did mine, I had arrived at Mad Over Donuts, I got out, praying that she was going to Mad Over Donuts too so we could strike up a conversation about how we were both 10 minutes ago in the same shop, now we’re in Mad Over Donuts ordering the same flavor and then we might exchange numbers and meet up to talk shoes and handbags!!!! She didn’t, her car carried on up the road… but only for a couple of seconds, she then turned up a private driveway…. I recognized that private driveway….. I had been past that very same driveway a few days previously as Paul’s boss lives next door! The private driveway was that of Breach Candy! I have heard so much about this place, its supposed be a haven for expats, you can wear a bikini by the pool and no one blinks an eyelid, it is the place to see people and the place to be seen, the new watch shop that has just opened there has a full write up in the March edition of Vogue! Vogue I tell you!! It made so much sense! This is the reason why I haven’t seen any people I want to friends with, they are all here in the day or maybe work but I like to think here! After further research I have found out that you need to be invited to be a member of this exclusive club and I for one intend to be invited!

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