Monday, April 25, 2011

My Name is Sophie and I’m an Alcoholic

I was too tipsy to take my own pics!
Next time!
After the eventful Friday night I hadn’t been feeling 100% over the weekend (maybe the level of hangover did warrant the 2k bill?) and didn’t fancy doing anything, but when Paul told me that Tulika had found an 'all you can drink (and eat)' Sunday brunch I was up and out of bed before you could say Jack Robinson! It was Ramesh’s day off so we had to take a dreaded unair-condiditoned black and yellow cab to the restaurant. It wasn’t a pleasant trip, Paul and I had a massive argument because I wanted the windows up as I’d curled my hair and he wanted them down as it was 45 degrees, I felt he was being unreasonable. In the end we compromised, I could have the windows up because I moved to India (works every time). We asked to be dropped off outside the gates of the racecourse because we are snobs because it was quicker to walk. Still not speaking to each other we entered the little haven that is Tote on the Turf; and walked through the air-conditioned conservatory entrance where we were shown to our seats. Here we both started smiling like Cheshire cats, argument? What argument? 
The buffet was fit for a king and catered for every living persons taste. First a selection of starters, dips, salads, soups and then the grills, steaks, jumbo prawns, corn, paneer, salami, chicken, kebabs, then made to order risotto, pastas, and pizza and then the egg stand (which I left as I thought it was out of place) and of course desserts. (I’m literally salavating writing this!!) The alcohol list was pretty extensive too but I didn’t need to look past Mojitos! ‘Mojitos all round’ was my sentence of the day, and a circle gesture with my finger was the movement, just to make sure the waiter understood. I certainly got my 2000 rupees worth, Paul counted 10 Mojitos, 10! I think that deserves some sort of award!  
We were the first to arrive and the last to be kicked out leave, a fantastic day!

Tote on the Turf, Race Course, Opp. Gate #5 & 6, Keshva Rao Khadye Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400 034 Mahalakshmi, Bombay, Maharashtra - 022 61577777

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  1. i jus found your blog.. its so much pretend..
    n i love mojitos.. so much so that there are phases, wen i only drink them.. for months!


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