Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Would Rather Have This Than Wine!... Well Maybe Not Wine

You can keep your Chicken Tikka, Garlic Naan, Paneer and anything else cooked in a spicy sauce, if you try one thing whilst you’re in Bombay (I’m a local now, I can call it that) it must be a 100% pure strawberry juice from Haji Ali Juice Centre. It sounds disgusting, I know, I didn’t want one either, but it’s not disgusting, it’s immense! I could hear my insides thanking me as I gulped it down, as it must have contained about a million of my five a day! You’ll never regret it! (Unless you don’t like Strawberry's or are allergic to them)

Haji Ali Juice Centre.  Lala Lajpathrai Marg, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai


  1. That sounds super good! Sounds kinda like drinks you get here at places like Orange Julius. First thing that came to my mind though, is have you been sick? I'm assuming a drink like that uses ice… do you specifically ask for filtered water? When I was in India I did not drink anything but chai outside my in-laws… and even then I was nervous for the next couple hours! Sounds yummy though…but yes, I'm sure it cannot replace wine!

  2. No wasn't sick, the opposite infact! They literally get a hand full of stawberry's but them in a mixer and Bobs Your Uncle, no ice or anything like that x

  3. yeah, they do it to papaya too and such fruits that are juice +/pulp rich..
    yum tum.. ok m missing India right now ;)


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