Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Hanging Gardens aren’t ‘Hangin’ - result!

I look miserable but I wasn't
If the sun was shining like this at home today, I can bet my life that almost every living person in Walsall would be in the Arboretum soaking up the rays. Men would be sitting with a can of Stella with their tops off, flashing their tattoos, Women would be sipping on a WKD blue wearing the obligatory white linen trousers with a bit of thong showing out the top, whilst the kids play in their pants (because their mom forget their swing trunks/ costume) in the puddle of water swimming pool next to the climbing frame. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of an Arboretum on my door step (shame), however I do have the Hanging Gardens on Malabar Hill… sound so beautiful don’t they…?? and they actually are, for Mumbai. The gardens are split in to two, one side of the road has beautiful elevated views of the sea and various terraces where people take picnics and the another side, the best side in my opinion, has grassy areas, flowers and topiary!! In this case the carefully pruned bushes are shaped in to various safari animals that Edward Sissorhands himself would be proud of. I particularly enjoyed the elephant with a person growing out of it creation- Genius.
See what I mean- GENIUS
Its supposed to be a Lion
A Deer!
No not a Dinosaur, a Giraffe!
Hubby with the view
The bit thats supposed to be hanging
Beautiful tree!
The view 
More gardens

They water the plants and everything!
Hanging Gardens , B G Kher Rd , Dadiseth Wadi, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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