Friday, April 8, 2011

And on the seventh day…

Moi sipping champers on a Sunday
Sundays are known as a day of rest, and in my family growing up we used to ‘rest’ on a Sunday in the Great Barr Club. Whilst my cousins and I would be enjoying jumping on the stage, getting up to mischief and trying to sneak a sip of Dads Carling Black Label, our Parents and Grandparents would be getting quietly squiffy on cheap alcohol (80p for a glass of Jacobs Creek back in those days!).
As an ode to my family and nothing at all to do with my need for an alcoholic drink almost daily (I’m joking) I have tried to revive this tradition here in Mumbai; and with my other half have been checking out various establishments suitable for Sunday cheer. After weeks of pain staking research I have discovered that the three best places (in my humble opinion) to do this are Dome, Aer and Casa du Sophie and Paul aka our terrace. 
Dome is fantastic, not only has it got a spectacular view of Marine Drive , it is only a two minute walk from our house so I can crawl back if need be. Aer, unfortunately, is not within crawling distance; which is a crying shame as it has happy hour between 5.30-8.00! The view isn’t as amazing as Dome however you do have a view of the slums (real India), can watch the sun set into the sea and has an uber trendy vibe; but gentlemen, please remember your trousers… as they don’t allow you in with shorts (Paul learnt this the hard way- that’s another story!) also did I mention its happy hour 5.30 -8.00???
Then there’s our terrace, which needs no words, well maybe one.. PIMMS!! But sorry guys private invitation only- its ok to be jealous …
Dome: Me with a Kingfisher 
Dome: View (you can book seats)
Dome: Seating
Dome: Sunset 
Aer: Me sipping champagne -Happy Hour!
Aer: View and sunset
Our terrace: Me watching the sunset
Our terrace: Enjoying Champagne with friends 
Aer at the Four Seasons Hotel 114 Dr. E. Moses Road , Worli, Mumbai , India , Tel: 91 (22) 2481-8000
Dome at the InterContinental Marine Drive, Level 8, 135, Churchgate, Mumbai -400020  Tel: 91 (22) 39879999

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