Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm Feeling Patriotic Today...

The happy couple
As a blogger, I think it is very important to keep up to date with the latest current affairs from around the world. Given this I do not feel my April entries would be complete without a mention of the Royal Wedding back home in the UK. To honor this tremendous occasion, I decided to hop on a horse and carriage (as no doubt Kate and Wills will) and have a comical cultural tour of Mumbai. Probably the opposite to the regal, elegant, Royal horse-drawn carriage, pulled through the streets of London by thorough bread stallions, Mumbai's carts are made from silver coloured tin and are embellished with chinsy beautiful plastic flowers, balloons and LED lights. The horses, well, I certainly think the RSPCA would have something say, but regardless, something you just have to do whilst in the city.
I will be watching the Royal Wedding and waving my Union Jack flag from the comfort of my sofa, as unsurprisingly ‘Royal Wedding Fever’ hasn’t hit India. Shame. Looking forward to it though! 

Do you think the Mumbai elite pop on
one of these on special occasions?
The Royal Horse and Carriage 

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