Monday, April 18, 2011

Pigeon Tree

None of these photos do Pigeon Tree justice
Paul looked at me very peculiarly the other day. Whilst everyone else was taking snaps of the Gateway of India, I was trying to get the 'Money Shot' of my own. I’ve been to see the Gateway of India quite a few times and don’t get me wrong it is quite spectacular; however what I find even more spectacular is the singular tree located near the road (opposite the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel) with about a gazillion Pigeons on it! I really think this should be a tourist attraction in its own right and I’m more than sure the entrepreneurial fellow who sells Pigeon feed underneath it would agree with me.  ‘The Indian version of Trafalgar Square but it’s a tree’... My slogan needs work, but I’m on to something! 

Gateway of India
You can just about see the man who sells Pigeon feed
(maybe he had his inspiration from the film Mary Poppins)
Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
You have to see it in real life to
appreciate the amount of Pigeons
Just incase you forgot what a Pigeon looks like
(Spot the crow...)

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