Sunday, April 24, 2011

Of course it is!

Easy mistake to make
Yesterday I bought a beautiful bunch of twigs for the corner of the living room as I felt it 'needed something'. The following day I went in to my kitchen to find the cleaner wiping it across the floor! ‘What are you doing??” I bellowed!! Turns out it’s an Indian broom, not a decorative home accessory- my bad.  


  1. ha ha ha! I could see how this would happen! I probably would have done the same thing! Have you tried to work those? Takes a bit of practice when you are used to standing more upright with a broom!

  2. Give me a vacuum cleaner any day Andrea! ha x

  3. Its called a 'kharata' in the local language and is most efficient when there's water-logging the floor (you know, burst wash-basin pipe and water needs to be directed to an alternative drain)but it isn't as popular as its regular sweeping cousin, the broom, known in the local language as 'jhaadoo.' Not to be confused with 'jaadoo' which means magic.)

    P. S. :- Its back-breaking work!

  4. I love really useful things like this, looks like my 'Kharata' will come in useful in the monsoon!!

  5. ROFL!!!
    Really good blog... Enjoyed reading it.. Looking forward for more posts...

  6. Happens, happens...

    DG reacalls as a kid we took these spokes from the new broom to make kites. So even before the maid could lay her hands on it DG and friends had managed to disintergrate the whole thing. That was a hard summer for my mum to keep an 10 year old busy.

    Keep writing,
    Desi Girl


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