Monday, May 2, 2011

And The Most Annoying Conversation Of The Week Award Goes To…

McDonalds McDelivery…
Me: Hi, can I have a Chicken McSpicy meal please?
McDonalds man: No, sorry, we do not sell Chicken McSpicy.
Me: Are you sure? I’ve just seen an advert? A Chicken McSpiiiicy!
McDonalds man: No, sorry no Chicken McSpicy. Maharaja Mac?
Me: No Thank you. Are you 100% sure? I had one the other day? Chicken McSpicy
McDonalds man: No, we only have McSpicy Chicken.
Me: I’m hanging up now.
The McSpicy Chicken, not to be mistaken for a Chicken McSpicy


  1. Oh no this did not happen!!!!! Oh my lord. So funny! And so India, right?! Maddening and exasperating! lol

  2. Yes it happened, nothing suprises me anymore! Ha

  3. This was hilarious! And so is the rest of the blog. Very easy, and yes, a great way to shirk work. (Bookmarked! Full props to you).

    Anyhoo, since you're based in South Mumbai, here are a couple of places you simply must try (no, they're not hoity-toity restaurants, and yes, they epitomize the aam-aadmi (common man):

    1. Aaram Vada-Pao: Surely you must've heard or consumed a vada-pao by now. Essentially a deep fried potato burger, vada-paos can be found in every nook and cranny of the city, and are consumed by millions and millions of Mumbaikars daily. While everyone has their own favourites, i for one think Aaram (a small hole in the wall kiosk opposite VT/CST station, next to the now defunct Capitol theatre) makes the tastiest ones i've ever had in my 23 years of mortal life. Do have with chai (tea)

    2) K Rustom's Ice Cream: This ancient Parsi pop & mom shop is part and parcel of South Mumbai's legend. Though the ice-creams as such taste like any other home-made ice creams, the experience of waffling down a sandwich ice-cream to prevent it from oozing down your hands and getting them all sticky is something that i keep coming back to. Located next to the entrance of the Brabourne Cricket Stadium on the road that leads to Churchgate (yes, the same side which has Gaylord - walk towards Marine Drive)

    I'd recommend,, and a copy of the latest TimeOut Mumbai magazine to keep abreast of all that's happening in the city.

    And allow me to sell myself a bit. If you're in to Punk music, or just want to catch up on a good gig, do come over to the Blue Frog (its probably the best live music venue the city has) this Sunday (May 15th). I play in a punk band, called, the Riot Peddlers, and would love to have your friends and you there.


  4. Hey Animesh! Wow this is amazing thank you!
    I have been to blue frog and love it there, i actually have a blog post on it! I can't make it Sunday but will certainly tell my friends! Keep me informed of future gigs though!
    I havent tried the potato thing but will and i tried my first chai today - it was really good! I live within walking distance from the icecream shop (i live on marine drive) and the icecream is immense!!I Love it! its crazy as the place is so random, you dont expect it to be there!
    Thanks again Animesh for this and good luck for the gig on sunday- Riot Peddlers- great name!

  5. haahahahah! this definately made my day! lol, the people there should know you by now! i cant believe the guy was that, umm dumb? hahaha

  6. @Mumbaimiss, hey! Thanks for the comments, when you arrive (if i am still around) we should meet up! Where are you living now?


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