Friday, May 6, 2011

Shiver Me Timbers! What is This Olives All About Then? Ou Arrrghh…

I'm just missing an eye patch!
If one more person was going to tell me that I ‘Just had to go to Olives in Bandra on a Thursday night’ I was going to get a jar of Olives and stuff it down their throat!  I was sick of hearing about the place and because so many people had told me I should go, it made me not want to go at all as it had a lot to live up to (and it takes about 2 hours from our house to get there in stupid Mumbai traffic) But as it was Bank Holiday and Paul didn’t have to get up for work the next day, we and few others from his work decided we would go and check it out. I used my poshest English accent to reserve us a table, as apparently they can be quite difficult to secure, and it did the trick (yes, people from Birmingham can put on posh accents!). We arrived promptly at 9.30pm and even at this time it was starting to get pretty busy. We were sat outside, just before the toilets (I’m not sure why that information is important), the décor was lovely, white pebbles made up the flooring and fairy lights and candles gave it a romantic feel.  Paul ordered various sharing plates for us all to tuck into and it really was delicious, the Moscow Mule cocktail I had was out of this world and it came in a tankard! An actual tankard, I felt like a Pirate! After we finished dinner we noticed the place was heaving, it was so packed that people were starting to edge closer and closer to our table, with one girl almost parking her pert buttocks on my left over lamb chop, it was too much so we decided to head inside...
We regretted it from the moment we stood up (well I definitely did because I nearly broke my heel on a rogue pebble) it was so busy you could hardly move and the temperature was unbearable! As I was making my way through the crowds a particularly sweaty man brushed up against me and you could actually see the sweat marks he left behind on my dress, it was a like a human snail trail! Whilst we waited 20 minutes for a drink, our friend pointed out to us various Bollywood actresses and Indian Cricket stars but I was disinterested as all I wanted to do was dance, but there was no room. Although I had a great time with our friends, I felt the place was pretentious, too hot and busy, and closed far too early, lights were up at 12.30am, something I really cant get used to in Mumbai. But at least I’ve been now and it was worth it just to pretend to be a Pirate for 5 minutes and to write the words ‘Shiver me timbers’ on my blog, I never thought I’d do that!


Olives, Pali Hill Tourist Hotel, 14 Union Park, Bandra (W),Mumbai, Tel: 2605 8228

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