Monday, May 30, 2011

They Don't Warn You of That do They!!!

When you were little, did your Mom ever tell you 'Don't sit on the cold, hard floor, you'll get piles'??
Well put it this way, I am proof that this is no old wives tale! Damn you Vipassana and your hard as rock meditating cushions!!!!!!


  1. Aint no smiles...... OMG I seriously can't believe this. You poor thing. Well at least you're in the right city. Did you notice all the adverts for piles clinics on the Mumbai local?? Popular business here it seems! Jeez, I've never had piles... I didn't think that old wives tale was true! Hope you get better soon. A friend got them all the time and he had to go to hospital (in Mumbai) and get them operated on... he was in there for 4 days. Ouch.

  2. No way! I thought this was something Mom told me to scare me! Never thought there was truth to it! WOW! That sucks! Recover quickly!

  3. I can believe there are loads of clinics because if Indians are required to sit in temples for long periods of time they are bound to get them (bound to get them). I don't think mine are too serious (i hope) i'm off to England on Thursday so can get them sorted, although I will be venturing to the chemist today to get some cream- should be comical! All good fun! xx


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