Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole…

A paleontologist would be happy with this find!
Anyone under the age of 50 probably wouldn’t know the name of the person who sang the song ‘Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot’ however, I am more than sure that you would know the song itself (it was always played at Aunties and Uncles birthday parties/ weddings in the 80’s early 90’s and everyone would start dancing around like Cubans and pretending they had maracas? No? Just my family then.) Well today, according to my thermometer the mercury hit 101 degrees and May is supposed to be the hottest month in Mumbai by far, so it’s just going to get higher and higher! I am tremendously concerned as my air-conditioners are extremely old and should have gone out with the cassette tape, and I don’t think sticking my head in the freezer every 15 minutes is an acceptable solution- bad times!! Only good thing is, that I’m sweating so much I must have already lost half a stone in weight- good times!
(FYI the person who sang ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’ was a man called Buster Poindexter, I googled it as I am unemployed and was feeling hot… hot, hot)


  1. I swear every one of your posts make me laugh out loud! Your sense of humor is priceless. Thanks lady!

  2. I've said it once and i'll say it again, if you don't laugh you'd cry! ha x Lets meet up next time your in town : )

  3. You will lose a lot of water and salts if aren't accustomed to the humid, hot and sweaty Mumbai summers.

    Go eat a watermelon ('kalingad' in the local language - twist your tongue around that!) twice a week.

    And.... don't blow those air-conditioners from over-use, okay!

    There are only three seasons in Mumbai:-

    Hot and Humid.
    Hot, Humid and Very Wet.
    Humid and Slightly Pleasant and even Cool.... sometimes!

  4. I've heard dont eat local watermelon - as you can see from a few of my posts my insides are v delicate! ha ha.
    I just have the fans on so am sweltering, the old aircon is so loud and rubbish so its not worth it!
    Thanks for all the advice by the way, really useful - thank you


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