Friday, May 13, 2011

Meditation course whilst you’re in India? It’s the law!

Thank the Lord for Make-up - I know I look rough without it!
If I was a Mr. Man I would probably be Mr. Loud and if I was A Little Miss I would definitely be Little Miss Chatterbox (not Miss Bossy, Paul!) so it may come as a surprise to you all that I have booked to go on a 10 day silent Meditation course known locally as Vipassana, commencing the 14th May.
To comply with the T and C’s (terms and conditions, durr) I have gone against everything I believe in and have been shopping for, ewwww, I can’t say it… baa…. nooo…bagg… pleaaassse…oh alright, baggy trousers and loose top things, the style adorned by hippy travelers the world over. Short of getting dreadlocks, changing my name to Dragon Fly and not washing for a month I think I’ll fit in just fine.
 All the aides which help me complete my polished look everyday including, my hairdryer, my GHDs (the large ones and the small ones), my Babyliss Big Hair rotating curling brush, my Babyliss Root boost Styler and all my makeup (we’d be here all day if I started listing these) will be left behind.
The only items I will be taking on my trip are:
                Pajamas (some people call these clothes) (inc footwear and underwear)
                Tooth brush and tooth paste
                Facial wash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaver
                Mosquito repellant x 10 (we are on Malaria Watch afterall)
                My entire Estee Lauder skin care regime including my Day Wear Plus Moisturizer and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (face and eye)
                Fake tan- ok not fake tan but I will not compromise on the rest!
 Mobile phones and cameras are confiscated when you arrive.
 The science bit
Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India 's most ancient techniques of meditation. The technique aims for the total eradication of mental impurities and the resultant highest happiness of full liberation. Healing, not merely the curing of diseases, but the essential healing of human suffering, is its purpose.
Vipassana is a way of self-transformation through self-observation. It focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body, which can be experienced directly by disciplined attention to the physical sensations that form the life of the body, and that continuously interconnect and condition the life of the mind. It is this observation-based, self-exploratory journey to the common root of mind and body that dissolves mental impurity, resulting in a balanced mind full of love and compassion.  The scientific laws that operate one's thoughts, feelings, judgements and sensations become clear. Life becomes characterized by increased awareness, non-delusion, self-control and peace. 
Obviously I didn’t write this myself, I copied and pasted it from but I’m sure you’ll agree, if I can come out of this ‘cured of disease’, with (and I quote)  “a balanced mind full of love and compassion” having to turn down a speaking part in a Bollywood movie, the lack of fake tan, cute girly clothing and electrical appliances will be worth it right?? I hope so!


  1. Oh my! This is really something. I did my Vipassana course back in Australia. They tried to make us get up at 4am... but most of us stayed in bed and pretended to meditate there! It was a tough course. As you'll probably realise, the not talking part is the least of your concern!! Would love to hear how you got on. Brave girl.

  2. Working on the post at the moment babe! Trying to remember how to use my computer is proving difficult x ha x and you are right about not talking that was nothing! I think my ass has lost its shape!

  3. well i am bounded here to reply u because even though it was copy and paste from somewhere else. it still look like that person really need to discover india again... no offence of course... even as being indian i never felt to learn about vipassana because here we have plenty of methods to know about vision of life and culture... and besides as we all know india is one of the poorest countary and 2nd biggest population holding one. so whenever you will comedown here... be careful... life and tourism is not as pleasent here as it seems :) besides pink dress is prettier ;) take care


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