Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's The Small Things...

Praveen working his magic
For all of his yellow water related faults, our House Keeper Praveen is still a bit of a legend. He arrives promptly every morning at 8.45am, cleans our house from top to bottom (with the help of the actual cleaner), takes our washing to the laundrette, folds, hangs and puts away the clothes, does our shopping, tidies up and will do any odd job we ask of him. But what I love about Praveen more than anything, is the effort he puts into displaying the decorative cushions that reside on our bed, no day is ever the same! I can just see him now, deciding whether to put the small, pink, sparkly cushion diagonal or straight or wondering if it would cause offence to put two purple ones together! Whatever his thought process, he never disappoints! So you can truly appreciate the excellence of his elaborate displays I have put together a weekly diary of his creations for you to admire... I know, I have too much time on my hands!

Monday- subtle, yet noticeable changes
Tuesday- particularly like the stripy one in the centre
Wednesday- a more adhoc design
Thursday- precision, my favourite


  1. Awesome! This dude is worth keeping around. I am so glad you took photos of this as this kind of stuff most people wont believe if you tell them! Oh wonderful India... :)

  2. He really is! It really brightens my day seeing the effort he puts in for us so thought I'd share!! xx

  3. Its' not all yellow water, malaria and dirty streets! ha x

  4. I loved this post! I have a thing for throw pillows and my husband doesn't understand them. "if we can't sleep with them, why have them?"! I love that Praveen is so in tune with this! LOL! I wonder if he has throw pillows at his home? He has quite the knack and all of them were visually appealing! love it! LOL

  5. Andrea! I sometimes think we have the same brain! Throw pillows are a must! Why don't men (other than Parveen) appreciate that fact? ha x

  6. I just checked my bed…I have 15 pillows on it~ LOL! Then the second bedroom (mind you, the bed is just a blow up mattress) has 7 pillows on it! There are pics on my blog… newest entry. A girl can never have too many pretty pillows!

  7. I love the way how your home looks so Indian!!!

  8. Thanks, you know what they say 'Whilst in Rome... '


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