Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 3- Malaria Watch

I can’t believe it! I have been so concerned with my polluted, Potassium Permanganate-less (thanks travel bug) water that I have neglected Week 3 of Malaria watch! Apologies, not only to my readers but to myself!
Week 3: Malaria Watch! : No bites present, (just scars from where I kept scratching them) I suppose now it’s a waiting game…
Phew! Glad thats back on track!


  1. Wait for the monsoon, Lady....

    You will have more bite marks than you can count! ;-)

    Hmmmm.... start the Chloroquine prophylaxis before the monsoon begins, if you don't want malaria.

    On the other hand.... now that you ARE staying here, get some damn more bites and let the malaria germs swim in your circulation and provide you with the same immunity that we locals have.... :-P

    Just keep a lookout for your neighbourhood (and competent)doctor in case you do get sick.... ever!

  2. I know its a tough one, I obvs dont want Malaria but cant be taking tablets that are supposed to make you sick for the rest of my life! Someone suggested repellants and i think i'll go with that! : )
    Yes I have found a doctor- first thing I did when i got here!

  3. Haha, as a certified malaria survivor (I even have the test results framed to prove it... well, not framed but in a file somewhere), I recommend that you hot foot it to the doctor if you get fever and chills that come and go. But the excitement won't start for a month or two yet, when the usual monsoon outbreak occurs. I'm just hoping it won't be as bad as last year. Seriously, ever second person in this city got it... even my in laws who'd never had it in their lives. (And yes, I freaked out when I got it).

  4. Ha,ha well done Sharell or Sharells immune system!! Thing is i'm getting a bit para about it all now, everytime I cough or get a headache i think i've got it- its driving my husband potty. Think I'll be flying to the UK during the monsoon like ducks and birds do (but they fly south- bad joke)


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