Sunday, May 8, 2011

‘Easter Sunday on a Boat’ (is the name of the song that we wrote whilst on the boat… on Easter Sunday)

Making beautiful music
Let me ask you a question. Have you ever met a real life Captain of a Ship? Well I have and he was Russian and he used to sit opposite me in my old job in Singapore! How cool is that? I used to sit opposite a Russian Captain of an actual ship! Just thought I’d share this as I have a boat related story.
On Easter Sunday we decided to hire out a boat for the day and sail around some of Mumbai’s surrounding paradise islands. Surprisingly the trip was pretty uneventful, well, that’s if you call almost being flipped out of an auto rickshaw after going over a pot hole at 50 miles per hour in Alibaug, going to see what was described as ‘the best beach in India’ and discovering it was the worst, witnessing a man hurtling towards the earth (and surely his death) on a 60 rupee a go parasailing ride which consisted of a makeshift parachute and a 4x4 jeep pulling it down a beach, being chased and flashed at by an Indian man with obvious mental problems, being told to throw all alcohol over board immediately because the Police were on their way to arrest us, then all the empty bottles not being carried away with the current and circling the boat like a big sign saying ‘they are drinking alcohol arrest them now’, the Police (with guns) arriving and boarding the boat (magically not noticing the bottles) and telling us that it was illegal to moor and play guitar on a boat in this area, then us having an argument with them telling them that was ridiculous whilst tipsy, then taking a photo of them, which made them get angrier but was the ammunition we needed to get rid of them, eventually arriving back to the Gateway of India to be shouted at by the boat driver because we didn’t give him a big enough tip (although we paid 20,000 rupees for the boat for half a day), arriving home to a group of children begging at us and when I said leave us alone the Security Guard running out of our building and beating them with a bamboo stick really hard…Uneventful then I suppose it was!

Water so clear you could swim in it... not
After nearly losing my life for the 102976 time in India
Land ahoy
'Easter Sunday on a Boat' Everybody....
Kill Joys
Worth it for the view
No make up i'll have you know! And nice view
Gateway of India
Photos of the beach and para-sailing to follow - they are on Sams camera!


  1. Ha! I'm so proud of you for photographing the police and arguing with them while tipsy. It's one of my favorite things to do as well. I have a whole collection of pics called the Police Files (including one of me sitting on their police motorbike). :-) You boat trip sounds a lot more "eventful" than the one I went on though!

  2. Ha ha, thanks but I only took the photo in the first place to put on my blog as I didn't think people would believe me! When I took the pic the mood changed and they were shouting no photos, no photos in Hindi! Great tip for the future though, if police give you crap take their photo- love it! The 'police files' sounds official! Surely you sitting on a police motorbike is a blog post!!! Xx


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