Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Only Thing I Didn’t Pack…

I think they call it beju
So as explained on Friday, Paul’s apartment does have weighing scales but it is lacking in other areas. Whilst in the Kitchen making myself the delectable Indian delicacy Beans on Toast (ok not Indian, but a delicacy none the less) I noticed there was something missing… I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I came to put my washing up in the sink, and then it hit me... there was no sink??? Paul’s kitchen has no sink? How can there be no kitchen sink? I quickly emailed Paul reminding him of the fact he had no sink, his reply? ‘Use the bathroom’ my reply, ‘WTF’!


  1. Lol, at least he has a nice stove. Leave it to a man to tell you to use the bathroom sink. That's priceless. It could have been worse if he told you use the bucket.

  2. They probably compromised on the sink to make room for the cooker, to have both was probably out of the question. Ha ha x


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