Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don’t Read This Post, its Really Crap

We all now know that our apartment doesn’t have a kitchen sink, so today I thought I would concentrate on what our apartment does have to offer:  
1.     A shiny floor- Mayn, you can see your face in that thing!! 
 2.     Three bottle openers – Because one is never enough.
     3.     A posh brass lock- That thing belongs in a castle!

      4.     A mug stain in the bath- I don’t know  where it came from but at least it gives me a laugh every time I’m in the shower!


5. A Pin Board- Ugly yet practical.
          6. Shower gel called ‘Soph’ – That’s my name!!
    7. A Water Dispenser- A reminder that tap water in India 
can kill you.

   8.     A posh condom hanging from the ceiling – I‘ve given up trying to figure that one out
9.     A maaaasive bed- no explanation required,  it’s just a massive bed, made for giants.

     That’s it, I told you this post was crap but you read it anyway.


  1. Lol! Even your crap posts are funny. I cant wait to live in India someday and have a blog that is as funny as yours. ;) (Here's a blog idea- If you could keep an eye out for John Abraham, meet him and take his pic and write a blog post about him, that would seriously kill me!)

  2. Ha ,ha x for you babe, I will try my utmost!! xx


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