Friday, February 10, 2012

If you are eating do not read this post, if you are not eating, read away, you might learn something…

I wonder who would win in a fight, the hose or the toilet
paper? Hmmmm
We’ve all been in the situation when we are home alone, nature calls and DOH! There’s no toilet paper left. We frantically scan the room looking for alternative methods but we all know the cotton wool won’t do the trick and we won’t be able to look our partner/ parents/ ourselves (whoever we live with) in the eye again if we use a towel, so as a last resort we might jump into shower and let the warm water wash the nightmare away.
Now Indian’s wouldn’t be faced with such a dilemma because the majority uses our last resort as their standard toilet practice. Correct, they wipe their backside after going number one or two, using water and their left hand; this is why in most Indian bathrooms you’ll find a little hose where the Andrex should be. And before you shout ‘GROOOOSSSSS’ and throw up a little in your mouth, they do wash their hands after and it’s a cultural thing, as they believe this way is more hygienic than using toilet paper alone. 
Another important thing to remember is that they use their left hand to wipe away their business because Indians eat with their right hand as the left hand is deemed unclean. So if you are ever in a restaurant and you try and get down with the locals and start to get your left hand involved in the eating of your roti and Chicken Biryani and you start to get evil looks or you go to shake someone’s hand with your left hand and they pull a disgusted face you’ll know why. (Oh and this didn’t happen to me, definitely not)


  1. Wait unti you are in the airport bathroom and there is only the cup and water to use and the floor is already all wet from other people before you! Yuck only begins to describe it! I am laughing now but I was totally shuddering then.

  2. you are very very funny!


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