Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Need For Earplugs

Moscow State Circus watch out!
Who needs an alarm clock when you live in Mumbai hey? I’ve been here less than a week and have been woken up each morning with a variety of ear deafening sounds:
Wednesday – A pig being slaughtered or a child, I don’t know which, it was just loud and squeal like.
Thursday- Honking.
Friday- A shed load of crows trying to eat a dead dog.
Saturday– An old man singing (I gave him 10 rupees to shut the hell up- I had a hangover!!)
Sunday- A woman banging the top of a dustbin with a wooden spoon in a bid to round up attention so people would watch her 2 year old son tight rope walk on a piece of bamboo which was elevated 8 feet in the air.
So next time your alarm clock goes off show it some gratitude will you...    


    And just what was that ruckus? And to think…I get ticked off when the lady above me is getting ready for church on Sunday and puts on her heels…. and walks around for all of 5 minutes before she leaves! I won't bitch any more!


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