Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

Theres a few dead ones in there, but its the
thought that counts
This morning I had a beautiful Rose and Lilly Valentines bouquet delivered to my front door, and what did the message card read? ‘I Love You’? ‘Will You Be My Valentine’?? ‘Happy Valentines Day’??? No. A hand scribbled ‘GET WELL SOON’.
Only in India! 


  1. "Theres a few dead ones in there, but its the
    thought that counts"

  2. LOL! Yeah… I noticed that when I went to purchase flowers while in India. What do you expect though? The flowers are suffocated in plastic wrap while being sold on the street corner… a hot, muggy, and dusty street corner. (at least that was my experience). A far cry from our walk-in flower refrigerators here in the US. I will say though, that the flowers that decorated my in-laws house for our wedding were the most fragrant flowers I've encountered!

  3. I like to think my husband bought them from one of those nice shops with a refridgerator but who am I kidding, the dusty street corner is probably not far from the truth xx haha x
    Yes the flowers at your wedding were GORGE! I remember seeing your blog!


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