Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Mumbaikins Diet!

I think this image sums up this post perfectly!
The best thing about Pauls new rabbit hutch  apartment is that it has a set of weighing scales, so in celebration of this fact I am embarking upon the 'Mumbaikins Diet'! 
Not to be mistaken with the Atkins Diet, the 'Mumbaikins Diet' is more effective than laxatives and gastric band surgery (I have no medical evidence to support this) and you can eat whatever the hell you want! McDonalds? (if you have the patience)? Sure! Pasta? Have seconds! Cake? Treat yourself! 
To speed up the weight loss process a shot of tap water can be added to your daily intake of ‘whatever the hell you want’. The only downside condition of the 'Mumbaikins Diet' is that you have to stay in India for at least one week and not mind spending hours of your day on the toilet.  
So sit back, relax and join me on my journey of self destruction discovery…. as I begin the 'Mumbaikins Diet'…… (I think I'm gona trade mark that name - its catchy!)


  1. So frickin funny, Sophie girl! Very glad you are back. :)

  2. Hey babe x thank you ! Are you around? We should meet up? x

  3. I am back home now, but the next time I visit Mumbai I hope you will be there! Love to buy you a drink and hear what you REALLY think of India. ;)


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