Thursday, December 29, 2011

Honey... I'm Home!

Call off the search party, bring back the Coast Guard, inform Scotland Yard that the prodigal son daughter has returned…. For now! My loyal followers may have noticed that I haven’t blogged for a good six months, reason being I have actually been having a life in no other than the city of clean…Singapore!!! After my 10-day silent nightmare meditation course I realised that Mumbai was not the place for a high heel wearing, short skirt loving, extravert like myself and managed to convince le husband (in my own way) to move back to Singapore.  As he had notice to serve it was decided that I would head over first, get a job and set up our new life and he would join a few weeks later.  After a few days at a friends house I checked in at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Whilst I was checking in the over friendly receptionist commented on how skinny I was, extremely flattered I replied ‘’Thank you, but I suppose that’s what you get when you live in Mumbai for a year’’ (obviously over exaggerating my 6 months so it sounded better) a look of shock (I presume over the fact I had been living in India, not my protruding bones) came over the woman’s face. After a few clicks she smiled at me and said ‘’Enjoy your stay, I have arranged an upgrade for you’’ Pleased as punch I made my way up to my……pimping suite!
After a little cry as I felt like the luckiest girl in the land- I ordered myself a bottle of champagne and ran myself a clean, hot, clean, relaxing, clean, bubbly, did I mention clean? bath!  As I was just about to get out my phone rang- it was Paul and the conversation went something like this……!!!                                                                                                

Sophie: Hi babe, OMG! I love Singapore, Singapore is amazeballs….
Paul: Soph….
Sophie: ….I arrived at the Marina Bay Sands and they gave me an upgrade to a suite, I feel like Mariah Carey!!.....
Paul: Soph…
Sophie: ….And I got my job back! I cant believe it, I start on Monday, and I’ve just been for an actual walk down the street….
Paul: Sophie….
Sophie: …and I’m in the bath and the waters not yellow, its clear! I can’t wait for you to get…
Paul: SOPHIE!! Will you shut up for a second I need to tell you something….           
Sophie: What can be more important than me telling you that I am having a clean bubble bath that is not going to give me a severe case of the runs???
Paul: I’m not coming to Singapore; I’m staying in India!
Sophie: WHAT THE F*CK??!!! ???!!!

I then dropped my phone in the bath (not fainted as Paul first thought)…..balls!
After I had identified another telephone connection (which wasn’t hard as a phone was situated right next to the bath- how extremely convenient) myself and Paul had in-depth conversation about the future of our marriage. I decided I would keep with him and would stay in Singapore on my own, until he was ready to come over. So in summary the last 6 months have basically been one big fat piss up and am back now to spend Christmas with the love of my life.  And have I missed Mumbai??? Errrrrmmmmmmm…..



  1. ahhh! Welcome back! You've been missed!

  2. Thanks babe x hope you are ok x

  3. Yay! She's back! :) I have missed you so much!

  4. Hi I just stumbled upon your blog. Am a newbie in town having just moved in from Singapore a month ago. You are right, it is very very different somewhat a shock to my system initially.

    Was hoping to network with some other expats. When do you leave?


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