Sunday, July 3, 2011

Malaria Watch: Monsoon Edition!

Week 1 Malaria Watch: Monsoon Edition!
Like most people I have been taking extra precautions to ensure I am not bitten and infected with Malaria during the Monsoon season. These precautions include:
·     *  Not leaving the house. Ever
·      * Dressing head to toe in clothes, ensuring no area of the body is uncovered – think Ninja/ woman in a Burka
·      * Spraying myself, everything and everyone around me with creatively named repellents such as;  ‘Buzz Off’ ‘Mosquito Gone’ and ‘Moz Away’
·      * Arming myself with one of those surprisingly entertaining electrified tennis racquet's which instantly kills bugs on contact (this is also fun for electrocuting your husband)
However all of these precautions went out of the window when we decided to hit Bandra on Saturday night! The legs were out, the perfume was on and the electrified tennis racket was deemed inappropriate.
It was during the hours of 3.30am-4.10am whilst waiting for a taxi/ travelling home in the taxi/ arriving home in the taxi I was again bitten, not once, not twice but three times on the right leg (this seems to be the leg preferred by Mosquitoes)! Oh how I wish I would have worn jeans!


  1. I love your Blogg ,it is so funny and yet informative , especially shower ,drain story with pictures , the trip to the super market and the about interviewing a driver all made me laugh out loud . The poverty you describe make me so grateful for everything I have .Hope they turn this into book /film .The funny thing is I was a smelly backpaker in India about 15years ago but now expat in Cairo .
    Thanks again is really is brilliant.

  2. If you don't mind ma saying, you look like a snooty pom version of Olivia Wilde !

  3. Thank you Cairo that's a lovely thing to say! Hope you're enjoying your experience in Cairo!
    oyster I'm going to take that as the best compliment I've ever had!

  4. Anonymous said...I just found your blog today while i was looking for mumbai info. I started reading and havent stop till i read them all. You are doing a good job! I'm visiting india for the third time in november and this time where flying into mumbai. Cant wait till we get there, india is great! If you have more tips on what to do and where we can find more shops like good earth let me know! We can bring you some hula hoops from belgium ;)

  5. Where are you, Sophie girl? I have been waiting and waiting for more of your brilliant observations and wacky words. Need my Videsi Girl fix!!! :) Hope you are well and happy.

  6. Where, oh where, are you Sophie??!!! I miss you and your hilarious observations of India!!!

  7. Pls don't stop writing. I really enjoy your blog! It is the closest thing for me to experience Mumbai by reading your blog. Pls write more.. pls.... pls.... pls..... :)

  8. I'm so sad you've stopped posting!!! I was in Mumbai for 2 months earlier this year and started my own blog after reading yours - - thanks for the inspiration. look forward to your posts soon. Louisa xxx

  9. So, are you not in Mumbai anymore or just busy with the Bollywood commitments?

    ~ Krishanu


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