Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Bit Morbid For A Thursday Afternoon, Granted

If you are not more careful you are going to be
a statistic!
Either Ramesh is conceited or there are a lot of deaths on the roads in India because every time I get into the car he is dying (no pun intended) to tell me about the latest car accident he’s seen and how many people died in it. Sometimes if I am lucky (or not lucky as the case may seem) he will drive me past the scene of the crime and tell me the whole story, including all the gory details, all over again!  To be honest it is really disturbing, but the way the locals dawdle when they are crossing the road I can’t say I’m surprised, its like they have a death wish! According to The Times Of India, there are approximately 13 road deaths per hour in India which I think is appalling so I am taking this moment to send a message to the people of Mumbai:
My message to the pedestrians of Mumbai-
‘Walk quicker across the road! You are not bullet/ car proof and if the car/ truck hits you at even 40mph you will probably die. Oh and don’t think sticking your hand out will save you, its not a force-field it is just a hand.

My message to the drivers of Mumbai (including my husband who thinks driving in Mumbai is like a game of Grand Turismo)
‘Drive more carefully!! The pedestrians of Mumbai will never learn and will always walk across the road ridiculously slowly so the chances are if you keep up your speed hoping they will hurry up they probably won’t, so you will hit them and kill them. Do you want that on your conscious? Do you??

I’m more than sure that this public announcement won’t impact on the figures what so ever, but I like to think that I’ve put in my pennies worth and done my bit.

Any way after this gloomy post please find a link to the Dikshit post to cheer you up a bit as I’m still laughing at it a week later!


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  2. Thank you for your positive comment sheena, I'm glad you found it useful. xx

  3. Firstly kudos on commenting on "the hand" action!! Bloody pissing off when a dude saunters in front of your car and then nonchalantly sticks his hand out, like it magically gives him right of way.

    As far as driving goes, nothing beats an automatic in Mumbai. sure you get screwed on fuel efficiency, but when your left leg becomes twice the size of your right due to constant pumping of the clutch, its time to shift to an automatic!! Tho back when I used to drive a stick shift, I used to love slotting into neutral whenever a jaywalker was in front of me and revving REAL hard!!! Never failed to make the guy shit himself!! Ask Ramesh to give it a shot! ;-)


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