Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lar De Dar

An Art Gallery or my living room???
Every February Mumbai plays host to the Kala-Ghoda Festival where various artists perform or display their works; it also attracts a lot of people selling art. On this particular weekend Paul and I were feeling extremely grown up so decided we would go art shopping because we thought it would be hilarious  for investment purposes. Armed with our berets and a pocket full of cash we took on the crowds and actually bought three original prints from a local artist and a painting from a guy who was from Bangalore. After having them put onto canvas they have just been delivered and I must admit they look top banana (that’s a technical term) and the best thing is, as we currently only have a few things in our apartment they actually make our living room look like an art gallery, so that’s fun. 

Apparently its supposed
the represent the innocence of Children playing!
Look how much the art captured my attention!


  1. lol... one would think you're an experienced art critic come down from Sotheby's!! Maybe the next time you can carry a small magnifying glass to peer down onto the painting with, while murmuring incoherently as well!! :)

  2. I will most certainly consider it Johnathan. Have a jolly good day. (haha)


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